I already wrote this

but it wouldn’t let me post (“unauthorized”), so I copied and pasted into a new window, published, closed the tab…and then realized that it only posted the first paragraph.  Now, I get to rewrite everything.  Oh joy.

It’s okay though, because I realized my computer needs to charge and the spot next to the outlet was open, so I took advantage of that.  Now, I need to wait for it to charge so that I can go to advising and show them what classes I want to take.  I should have gone an hour ago (it’s walk-in, so I don’t have a specific appointment time), but I didn’t.  Hopefully, there isn’t too long of a line and I’m able to get through it quickly and get to my volunteering position on time.

Today, we’re going to print tulips with forks.  I found it on the internet and it’s springy and at the clients’ level, so that’s what I’m doing.  After I’m done there, I’m going home.  And then, the fun starts.  I’ll be Skyping with my cousin and some amount of her five kids for our first virtual art lesson (she homeschools, I help).  I’ve made a website and everything.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!  I’m a little bit excited; can you tell?

It’s really sunny in this spot next to the outlet.  That makes it difficult to see the screen.  Oh well, that’s what I get for being an art major in an art building that doesn’t have a lot of outlets, I guess.  ‘Cause, you know, I totally choose my schools based on electricity accessibility.

I’ve already forgotten most of what I wrote about earlier.  Oh well.  I think I’ll record thoughts on my drive home (by talking to a recorder) and then type them up later.  I do that now.  It’s helpful for homework, I’ve discovered.  I’ve written two things that way, and it makes it way easier for me.  Who knew driving could be so productive?

I guess I’ll be done here for now.  Maybe I’ll write more later, about my application to the college of education and my interesting class discussions.  Or maybe I won’t.  I don’t know yet.

Another Post!

Well, it looks like I might be posting more frequently this semester.  I have this awkward 1/2 hour break between two classes, but they’re in the same room, so there’s really no point in leaving.  I guess that means I’ll blog.

If I’m going to be blogging a lot, I suppose I should try to come up with something more interesting to write about.  I mean, I know the details of my life are fascinating…but really.

Let’s see…what to write about…oh, I know.

Here’s an article that one of my education professors asked our class to read today.  Basically, the issue at hand, though it’s a bit clouded in this article, is student privacy.  Specifically, a teacher posted a class picture on her personal Facebook account.  Now, she might be fired, but the school board is unclear as of this moment.

So the question is, should she be fired and did she do something wrong…well, that’s complicated.  I don’t know of any laws that specifically state that teachers can’t put pictures of kids online like that (but there certainly could be).  However, in my experience, a lot (most?) organizations, schools, etc. that work with kids have policies against that sort of thing.  For instance, at camp, we are not allowed to post photos of campers.  The camp can, on official sites, but only with written permission from guardians.  From reading this article (which, let’s be honest, isn’t an example of very rigorous journalistic investigation), it seems that this school/district did not have such a policy in place.  If they did, and she violated it, of course she should be fired.  But if they didn’t…remove the picture, of course…but, more importantly, make a rule about it to prevent future problems.

I think she should have used some common sense and not done that, but if they don’t have a policy, there’s really no grounds to fire her.  Move on.

The larger issue this brings up, I think, is that times, they are a’changin’.  Schools, and everything, basically, need to keep up with technology, media, and society as a whole to prevent things like this from happening.  Posting pictures of kids who aren’t yours on the internet without permission is, frankly, stupid, and people need to realize that.  Maybe it’s the individual’s responsibility to learn that for themselves, or maybe the organizations need to take initiative and do some leading.  Either way, things like this, I think, will continue happening as long as people try to ignore or avoid change.

Well, time for class now.  Type to you later.

I’m finally in proper education classes!

I don’t think I’ve told you that before.  Now, I have.

I’m also a full-time student, with plenty of credits and classes to entertain me.  Today, I have three education courses.  So far, they don’t seem too informative, but also not too difficult, so this should be okay.  I think they’d seem more informative if I didn’t already have a degree that covered a lot of these things and if I hadn’t been teaching in some way for over eight years.  Obviously, I’m not saying that I know everything after only eight years, but I do know a lot of what these intro classes cover.  And I’m fine with that.  They are needed for my degree and I will take them.

I got to school about an hour before my first class, thinking that would be plenty of time to get my parking permit, park, and get to class.  Well, I was almost wrong.  First, there were no parking spaces anywhere near the parking permit office, so I had to drive around until I found a meter.  Then, when I put my quarters in, I realized that each quarter was only good for 25 minutes of parking, not one hour like in the meters by the arts building.  Whatever.  I paid the meter and walked to the parking permit office, in the cold wind (like, -degrees), filled out the form, got my sticker thing, and walked back to the car.  Then, I got in the car and started looking for parking spaces because I didn’t have enough change to feed the meter for my whole class block and it was only a four hour meter anyway (my classes are in a five hour block).  Turns out, there are no parking spaces anywhere near the building where my education classes are.  Well, there are, but they’re either reserved for service vehicles, handicapped, or some other reservation, or they were full, probably since 2 am or something stupid like that.  So I couldn’t find a parking space and I was running out of time before class.  I drove around a couple blocks to try to find street parking, giving up on the idea that I wouldn’t have to walk forever in the cold.  There were no street parking spaces.  Finally, I drove over to the arts building, because I knew there had always been some spaces open last semester, and, if I had to walk, I might as well not have to pay for parking my car.  A few spaces were left, and I took one, as close to the far-away education classes as I could.  Then, I walked in the cold wind to class, only to realize that, when I printed my schedule this morning, one class’ location and other info didn’t print.  So I looked around a bit and tried to get online to check, but of course that didn’t work.  By this point, there were about five minutes left before class was supposed to start.  I went to the info desk and asked the girl there if she could help, and she was really nice and found the room number for me.  I got to class with a minute or two to spare.  Yay for first days!

My last class of the day will be starting soon.  Then, I have to go meet with my non-advisor to get some stuff sorted, then turn in a background check form, then get my books, and finally go home, after walking back to my car in the cold wind.  Tomorrow, I have class at 8:50 in the morning.  I have a 75 minute drive from home to school.  That should be fun to wake up for.  But at least it’s an art class, so I’ll be able to get parking more easily.

So………class is starting……..ish……..better stop typing……..

Christmas, Cookies, and Cleaning

Once again, it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been busy.  And maybe sleepy sometimes.  The 17th was my last day at school, although I did have to drive back on Friday to pick up some art projects.  I ended up with an A, A-, and a B, so that’s pretty good, although I wonder if I should have been less honest about what I thought my grade should be in ceramics and maybe I would have gotten something higher.  Oh well.  I also could have probably gotten an A in drawing, instead of an A-, but I just didn’t have time or want to put in that much effort.  The final project was enough work.  My ceramics professor felt that my final piece was too ambiguous.  Maybe I like ambiguity and am open to interpretation.  Maybe it doesn’t matter to me whether the viewer sees a blob of fat or something playful on that child’s chair.  I’ll take some pictures at some point, I suppose, and then you can see it yourselves.

I’m cleaning my room.  Really…I can clean and type at the same time…Actually, I’ve cleaned for a few hours now and I can finally sit comfortably on my bed, so I’m taking a break.  Granted, I don’t know where to find most of my clothes right now (they’re in trash bags instead of piles until I put them away), but I did make progress…at least on my sleeping area.  My grandma is coming to our house today, and staying for a few days, so the house needs to be presentable.  She doesn’t know we live in a mess every day, and my mom wants to keep up that illusion.  Whatever.

Christmas time was pretty fun.  Last Sunday, we had our Christmas program with Sunday school, and that was exciting since I’m one of the preschool teachers.  I gave the kids little goodie bags and the presents they made for their families, and they were all really excited.  A couple of kids also gave me gifts, which is always sweet.  I went to the Goodwill party last week and got to see Santa, and it was really cool seeing how excited all the clients were to see him.  Church on Sunday was pretty empty, but was overflowing on Christmas Eve.  After church on Monday, my grandparents came to our house for dinner and Christmas rice (which is delicious) and card games and conversation.  Then, on Christmas, we opened our presents, ate cinnamon rolls, and went to their house for Christmas with them and my aunt and uncle and two of his kids.  In the late afternoon, my great-aunt visited, and we had more delicious food.  Also, I ate Grandma’s cookies.  They are the best.  She makes about 20 kinds each year (she used to do about 40, and multiple batches of each), and they’re wonderful.  I decorated the sugar cookies this year and helped make a new kind with peppermint candies and colored sugar.  I love making cookies with Grandma.

I don’t really have much else to tell you right now, so I guess I’ll get back to cleaning or something.  I hope you’re having a lovely wintertime (or summer, if you’re in that hemisphere).