Those sesame things

You know Gardetto’s?  That yummy snack mixture with pretzels and chips and things?  Does anybody like the sesame seed breadsticks?  They just don’t go with the flavor of the rest of the mix.  And they’re icky.  But even if you don’t think they’re icky, they don’t match.  I always try to eat them at the same time as a rye chip so that the icky flavor is kind of hidden.

The vacuuming guy almost knocked over my pile of stuff with the weird double vacuum.  That’s annoying.

Did I mention I’m once again at a point in the day where I have quite a long break and nothing to do besides homework?  ‘Cause that’s the current situation.

The roads were bad (snowy, not naughty) on Friday, so I didn’t go to class or Goodwill.  I need to come up with some new ideas for Goodwill.  It seems that everything I find online is either similar to something we’ve already done or just stupid.  You’d think I’d have a pocket full of ideas for just this situation, seeing as I have a degree in art therapy, but no.  Let’s not get into how my four years and thousands of dollars were apparently wasted on learning nothing about my major that I couldn’t have figured out myself.


Oh look, it’s not Monday anymore.  It’s now Tuesday.  I started typing this yesterday, but I got bored and did some homework and my battery was getting deadish and I forgot the cord at home, so I went to Wal Mart and got some string and stuff for bracelets.  Now I will never be bored again!  Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

I’m tired.  I have 15 minutes before class starts.  Maybe I could just lay down on the floor and rest…no, that’d be weird…and then I wouldn’t want to get up when it was time.

I don’t really have anything to write about…and I’m too tired to come up with something…so I won’t even try.

Simply Stated

“When a principle is stated in simple terms, it can sound simplistic.”

That’s what I learned in my textbook reading for my educational psychology class today.  Good to know.

I read for about an hour.  It was boring and I don’t really remember the point of it, if there was a point, so I’m taking a break.  Since I didn’t bring my knitting or Gameboy, I’m typing to you for my break.  Surprisingly, I’m not in McDonald’s.  I’m actually still at school, and may stay in this building all day, ’cause, well, it’s cold.  I am currently sitting directly under a vent blowing cold air, so I could be warmer somewhere else, but then I’d have to pack up my stuff and move and I’m not sure I feel like doing that right now.  Maybe I will when I get hungry or thirsty or something.  But not right now.  The door is also nearby and people keep opening it to let themselves into the building, which lets cold air in with them/lets warm air out.  Yet I’m too lazy to move/the other seats are also under vents or by doors.  I suppose I could put on my coat…but no.

The girl over there just said sock monkeys are elegant.  Earlier, she was telling that guy about her sister-in-law’s cervix.  Then, he got up and walked away.  Good choice.

I should probably start reading again.  I have a couple things to read for tomorrow, and some more for Friday.  But I really don’t want to do that right now.  It’s boring.  Then again, this is pretty boring, too.

Oh, another guy just came to talk to the talking girl.  Maybe this will be entertaining.  Nope, just talking about hats.  And not the elegant sock monkey kind.

I could go get a sandwich.  That might be yummy.  Or maybe there’s a good soup today.  Or a chocolate muffin, though that wouldn’t be very filling.  Goodness, I have to make a decision.

Haha, there’s a guy at the table next to me who’s in my education classes, and he’s talking about our assignment to do a case study of an adolescent.  “We have to follow some kid around…that’s not creepy”…well, maybe him doing it will be creepy, but that’s not really the point.  It’s not like it’s stalking, just observing and interacting.

Well, I ate the sandwich I brought with me.  It was yummy, but I will definitely need to get one later.

In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t really have anything to write about.  I suppose I’ll stop typing and do something else, perhaps even something productive!…eventually.


Orange Juice with Mango

Really, the apple juice is best, but this will be good, too.

This morning, I made snowmen with the Goodwill participants.  We used a plastic cup and toilet paper tube to dip in paint and stamp on the paper.  Most of their pictures were more snow fort or blizzard than snowman, but they had fun and the results were pretty awesome.  I really enjoy volunteering with them.  It is something to look forward to and a reason to not sleep all day when I don’t have class.  Next week, I think we might make some fabric scrap beads or letters to hang up.  I’ll decide that later.  Oh, and they’re having a Christmas party next week and I’m invited!  And I’ll be able to be there all day next week, since my classes will be done on Monday!

Speaking of Monday and classes, I have three finals, one for each class.  That makes sense.  For ceramics, I have to bring in a couple pieces from each project set we made (six cups, two bowls, etc.), the best of the best for each category.  Everything has to be glazed by Thursday so that it can be fired in time, so that’s what I did yesterday and what I’ll be finishing tomorrow.  My final project, which had no parameters really, other than being mixed media, is a blob on a chair.  It should be fired today or sometime soon, so then it’ll be ready for me to paint.  I’ve decided to paint it instead of glazing because it will give me more time to work on it without worrying about firing.  Now, I just need to find my paint/buy some new cheap paint for it so I have enough to cover the whole blob in multiple layers and make it how I want it to be.  I’m looking forward to that.

For drawing, I’m making a collage and then drawing it to fill the giant paper.  My professor suggested I take a picture of the collage and then project it onto the paper to draw the basics.  That’ll save some time and stress, so I’m going to start the drawing of it tomorrow in class.  Today, I have to finish the collage and decide which part I want to draw.

Special ed. just has a final test, open book, so that should be easy enough.  I’m going to also do the extra credit for the class, due tomorrow, because it’s super easy and I have one grade that’s not 100% (she doesn’t seem to really grade anything other than 100% very often for anyone).

Besides schoolwork, I really need to clean.  My workspace is becoming unworkable, and my bedroom is really messy.  I guess that will come once the homework gets done.  Maybe.

I guess I should go do something “productive” now.  Maybe I’ll eat some ice cream.  Oh…I mean…do some homework.


I am eating an apple.  It’s kind of difficult to type while eating an apple.  But that’s not going to stop me!  Adversity?  I laugh in the face of adversity!  Hahahaha!

Granted, that adversity is mild and self-imposed…but still…I laugh…rhetorically…

Alright, apple is in my belly and trash can now and I can type properly.  What shall I type about?  This always is the question.

Oh, I know.  There was this little thing called a national election yesterday.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it.  President Obama has been elected to another four years in that office.  There were many notable races for other offices throughout the country, but I’m not going to type about that today.  After all, that’s what the news is for.

What I will type about in regards to politics is my new plan for world domination…I mean…something that sounds less bad…I noticed that, on the ballot in my area, many of the races were uncontested.  The incumbent, in most cases, or somebody new who was in that same party, was the only option (besides write-in) for most of the local and state offices.  This is fine.  In fact, it may even be good.  For me.  And my world domination plans.  You see, by simply getting onto the ballot and being in the opposite party, I would have a fairly decent chance at getting quite a few votes.  In an area where a few votes are the total…well…I could, conceivably, win.  Of course, with some advertising and campaigning, that likelihood would increase.  By starting at the local level and building a name for myself, getting to the state level wouldn’t be too difficult (really.  Don’t argue this point.  It’s undeniably true).  After that, it would be only a matter of time before I was elected to national office…and then…THE WORLD!!!!!!  Yup, that’s my plan and my goal.  The sheep from Alaska will rule the world! Muahahahahaha.  Plus, as we already established in this post, adversity will not stop me.  I will not give up.  I will take over.

Seriously, though, I could run for local office or state senate or something without too much trouble, theoretically.  At least until someone found this post about taking over the world and took it out of context and turned it against me.  Then I might have some difficulty.  But I could still pull through.  Maybe I should give up on my teaching aspirations and start politicking.  I think, though, that I could do more good without running for office.  Like use that theoretical money to start up my nonprofit.  Or finish my education and be an excellent teacher.

That was a relatively short post, but I think I’m done for now.  Perhaps more will come this afternoon.  Then again, perhaps not.  We shall see.


Flag twirlers, covered jars, and sock-shoes

There is a girl here in shoes that look like socks.  I’m not convinced they’re really shoes, but they appear to have a leather sole.  They are just stripey knits up to her knees.  I think they’re slippers.  I don’t know what she’s doing.  She is most definitely not a college student.

This room, besides holding a child in sock-shoes, also is now apparently the staging area of the flag twirling girls.  Maybe it’s raining or something outside and that’s why they’re in here.  I don’t know, but they’re loud and I don’t like it.  I suppose I could go to another room, but…this is where the comfy chair is and where I can sit in some sort of anonymity without feeling like there’s something else I should be doing.  Actually, I do feel like I should be doing something else, but that’s beside the point.

What else should I be doing?  Making covered jars, of course.  I need two done by Wednesday morning.  I just started working on them today, and actually managed to throw two sort of jars and four possible lids, so that’s good, but I still need to work on them.  I just don’t feel like it.  I could come in tomorrow, but I’m volunteering tomorrow and that will at least be all morning, and the afternoon too, probably, ’cause it’s fun.  And I need to go vote.  Busy busy.

Also, I finished my pop up last night, after much trouble and with little satisfaction.  It pretty much looks like a 12 year old made it.  Definitely not my best work.  Oh well, at least it’s done.  The critique is tonight.  That should be less than fun.  At least there are people in that class that I like and can casually chat with a bit sometimes.  Hopefully they’re there today.

I have been listening to Pandora for the last 1 1/2 hours or so and have hit the thumbs up button for almost every song.  I guess I’m in a likey mood.  It also helps that the music’s not bad.

I would really like to take a nap.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s true.  Every day.

I’m debating where to get my dinner.  I usually go to McDonald’s, but that’s over there and I’m over here.  I could go to the cafe place thing over here and get a sandwich, I guess, but they close early, so I’d have to get it soon.  I’m just not really feeling like eating right now, but I know I won’t be happy if I don’t eat later.  I do have some snacky food in my car that I could get, I guess…that might be enough.  At least, enough to get me through class, and then I could stop at McDonald’s on my way home if needed.  Yes, I think that sounds good.

I just checked out the window, and it doesn’t look like it’s raining.  Why are the flag girls in here?  They have stacks of various colored flags and poles.  Maybe they’re done for the season and are turning in their stuff.

I am a wee bit chilly.  That’s quite odd.  Maybe it’s chilly outside.  At least my computer is warm.

I am getting hungry, I think.  Maybe I should get some food.  I don’t know.

I don’t really have anything to write about now.  Not that I really did to begin with, but whatever.

Pitchers and Orange Drink

I am drinking Hi-C Orange from McDonald’s.  It is better than colas, but still sickeningly sweet after a while.  I don’t know why I’m still drinking it; yes, it’s yummy, but I think it might be giving me a stomach ache.  Now I have to decide if the ice cream is worth it or if it will make me feel worse.  Maybe I don’t feel icky because of the food and beverage.  Maybe I should just go back to bed.  Bed is a bit of a drive away, I have work to finish, and I don’t want to drive back here tomorrow, so I shall stay and work again eventually.

Yesterday, in about two hours, I was able to make eight pitcher shapes.  I was quite pleased with that, but now I have to make handles for them.  I, apparently, am not very good at making handles.  However, I need them to have handles for class Monday, so I must keep trying.  I just don’t want to go back to the studio yet.  Maybe in a few minutes.  I know that each moment I hesitate in going makes going that much more difficult, but maybe, if I avoid it long enough, it will just go away.  I know that’s not how it works, but I want it to be that way.  That would make procrastinating so much more rewarding.

I think the heat just kicked in.  It smells warm now.  I don’t like it.

Maybe, if I finish the pitchers tonight, I can have fun tomorrow.  I do have a drawing assignment to work on; it’s due Wednesday, so I should probably start that, and maybe even get close to finishing it, but there would probably still be time to do something fun.  What’s fun, though?  I guess I could read a book or play a video game or start cutting fabric for a quilt, but that all requires a future time commitment and doesn’t offer immediate satisfaction of completion.  I really just want to do something worthwhile and finish it and be happy with it and enjoy the process.  Is that so much to ask?

I don’t think I feel like eating ice cream right now, and I’ve been typing for 10 minutes, so I guess I should probably think about heading back to the studio and getting to work again.

Zoo and such

So this is a young orangutan at the zoo.  It’s cute and cuddly.  Well, I suppose I don’t know about the cuddly part, as it was behind glass.  But I can assume and pretend.

I went to the zoo with my family today.  We had a lot of fun and I took lots of pictures.  Like this:

That’s a turtle.  It’s cute but probably not very cuddly.

After the zoo, I bought some card making supplies and was going to buy a rotary cutter to cut my quilt squares, but I only had one coupon and the other store didn’t have a coupon, so I didn’t get the cutter today.  That’s okay; I’ll have plenty of time to make a quilt later.  I also got a new plastic storage drawer thing.  It’s teal and was on sale, so I liked it and bought it.

Now, it is dinner time.  I’m having what my grandma simply calls “hot dish” and cottage cheese.  I might have applesauce for dessert.

Guess I don’t have much else to say right now, just that little update.  Have a lovely day!