Zoo and such

So this is a young orangutan at the zoo.  It’s cute and cuddly.  Well, I suppose I don’t know about the cuddly part, as it was behind glass.  But I can assume and pretend.

I went to the zoo with my family today.  We had a lot of fun and I took lots of pictures.  Like this:

That’s a turtle.  It’s cute but probably not very cuddly.

After the zoo, I bought some card making supplies and was going to buy a rotary cutter to cut my quilt squares, but I only had one coupon and the other store didn’t have a coupon, so I didn’t get the cutter today.  That’s okay; I’ll have plenty of time to make a quilt later.  I also got a new plastic storage drawer thing.  It’s teal and was on sale, so I liked it and bought it.

Now, it is dinner time.  I’m having what my grandma simply calls “hot dish” and cottage cheese.  I might have applesauce for dessert.

Guess I don’t have much else to say right now, just that little update.  Have a lovely day!

Flowers and Photos

I went to a garden park thing today and took some lovely pictures.  This is one of them.  Ta da!

What else shall I write about today?  Well, tomorrow I’m going to the zoo and taking more pictures, so that should be fun.

I also got some new crafty stuff, so I’m going to be crafty later today.  Tomorrow, after the zoo, I’m buying some more card making stuff and a rotary cutter, so then I’ll get started on quilting.

Actually, I think I’ll be crafty now, bloggy some other time.