It’s called a dry erase board

…not a soak kleenex in bottled water and erase board.

Class starts in five minutes.  Let’s see how much I can type before the professor gets here.

Over the weekend, I did basically nothing.  Well, I slept a lot Saturday.  Sunday, I taught Sunday school, and my grandparents came over in the afternoon.  I did start work on my self portrait that was due yesterday by taking some pictures, but I didn’t actually draw it until around 11 yesterday.  Oh well; it got done.

Yesterday, during my boring in between class period, besides working on the drawing, I realized I had work due for a class today, so I did that.  That’s why I didn’t blog yesterday.

At least I’m mostly getting the work done that I need to.  Not doing all the readings for any of my classes, but I’m going to try to catch up on those.

The professor’s still not here…hmmm…and I don’t know what to write…what a dilemma…

“I think this book makes it sound a little more complicated than it’s actually going to be…” says the man in the educational psychology class about psych theories…yeah, ’cause the brain’s sooooo simple…

Okay, class is now starting.  I may be back later.

Oh, I forgot to post this yesterday, so I guess I’ll post now.  I do have things to write about, but first I have work to do, so writing will come later, if at all.

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