Men in McDonald’s

There were men here loudly arguing about running over pedestrians in crosswalks.  Now one of them left and the others are talking about him.  Apparently middle aged men enjoy gossip.  And talking about running over college students.  Yeah, that’s a great idea.

So it’s December now.  I haven’t posted for a couple weeks.  That time went by quickly.  And I didn’t have much to say.  I did start a few posts, but never finished or posted them because they didn’t really say anything.  Not that most of my posts do, but these were even less so.

What have I been up to?  Mostly just school stuff.  I’ve finished working in wet clay, so now I just need to trim a few things, put a teapot together, let stuff dry, fire it, and then glaze and fire just about everything.  My final project, which had very little direction other than that it had to be half clay and half other stuff, is a blob.  It will be yellow and sitting in a chair.  It’s pretty cool.  As long as it doesn’t explode or something.  That would be bad.  And sad.

In drawing, my final project has to be 30″x40″ or something like that.  That’s really big.  It also has to include juxtaposition in multiple ways and have some sort of meaning.  I’m making a collage of magazine cut outs and then drawing that (and enlarging it so it’s not 5 million pictures).  Should be fun.  And take a long time.

Oh, now the men are talking about the sewers and life expectancy of out houses.  How pleasant.  And just what everyone wants to hear while eating.

Guess I don’t really have much else to say right now.


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