Late Again

I was late for my ceramics class this morning.  Like, an hour late.  So I didn’t really get anything done.  I do plan on going back to the studio this afternoon to do some work, since we have a project due on Wednesday, but right now I need a break.  I also need to do my special ed. work that’s due tonight.  I was late because of anxiety again.  I don’t like this.

I need to schedule an advising appointment so that I can figure out what classes to take next semester.  I have to go to the art office to do so.  I’ve never been to the art office or met my advisor before, so this experience should be full of lots of anxiety.  How fun.

Hopefully, there will be mailboxes in the art office, specifically one for chairperson who I need to sign my late drop form.  That really needs to get done.

I think I’m starting at Goodwill next week.  I should probably email the lady in charge with my idea for this week and get it approved.  Problem is, I’m not quite sure what my idea is…oops.  I think we’ll either make bird feeders or cards with stamps and paper.  The cards would be easily adapted to different abilities, so maybe I’ll do that.  They could be for Thanksgiving or happy fall or something.

Yes, I just sent Goodwill an email, and I decided that we’re making cards, if that gets approved.  The other idea I wrote about was gelatin molded bird feeders, which seems like fun, so I’ll probably do that the next week.  Then, I’ll have to decide on other projects.  I’m thinking some sort of ornament making, bead making and stringing, weaving, and paper mosaics or quilts.  Any other ideas or suggestions for these ideas are appreciated.

I don’t know what else to write.  I just want to go home, but then what would be the point of having come here?  I guess I’ll just work on my special ed. and then, hopefully, when that’s done I’ll be able to do some ceramics.  Hopefully.  ‘Cause I won’t be able to come on Tuesday since I’m working at Goodwill, so then I’d just have class Monday to make the work.  Yep, I’ll have to do something today, even though I just don’t feel like I can.



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