Six Minutes

In six minutes, I am going to get off this couch and then start working.  I am at school.  I was supposed to be here this morning, but that didn’t happen.  So now I have all afternoon and evening to work on ceramics.  Obviously, I’m quite eager to do that.  Can’t you tell by my typing?

Yesterday, I managed to trim the feet of 10 teacups, so those are good.  Five of them need to be carved, or I need to throw more and carve them, so that the carving is an integral part of their design.  I also need to hand build five, with slab or coil or pinch or whatever.  It’s not that I don’t like working with clay, I just am a bit tired of this work.  We’ve made cups and bowls and plates and things, but I like making more sculptural work.  Maybe I would, but most of this time has been learning the techniques for me, which is important, but the schedule of things being done every week is different than it was at my last school.  I think it actually works better, it’s just not optimal for procrastinating, which is something I’m very good at.

One minute.  Yeah, maybe that’s not going to happen.

Oh look, it’s time for me to get up.  Maybe if I just wait a little longer…but no, I should work.  But I have hours before I have to leave…10 more minutes won’t hurt…right?

I got here about half an hour ago, but I didn’t start working right away because I was hungry and decided to eat lunch.  Now, lunch is done and I’m just…avoiding…good job

In ceramics, our next project is a teapot.  This requires making pieces that fit together.  I’ve never done that, so it should be interesting…and difficult…and ugly…yay

I did email the chair of the art department, and she told me to put the sheet for her signature in her mailbox.  I would, but I don’t know where her mailbox is.  I don’t know where any mailboxes are.  Hopefully, she responds soon and tells me so that I can get that taken care of.

I also emailed the lady in charge of the Goodwill center I volunteered at in the spring, and she said I could come back to do art with the clients once a week starting in November, so I’m looking forward to that.  I just have to come up with some activities and get them approved by her.  That should be good.  It will give me something to do besides sleep and homework.

I also am going to try to start counseling again.  I’m not sure if the therapist I worked with last has appointments available when I’m free, but I hope so, because I really liked her and was able to make some progress.  Maybe that would help me feel better…

Well, now that I’ve spent almost 40 minutes longer than I was planning not doing ceramics (also not just doing this), I think it’s about time I try to be productive.  Yes, that sounds like a plan.


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