It’s that time of the week again

That time where I’m sitting in an almost empty room with my computer and nothing much to do for half an hour.  Aren’t you lucky?  This time, I’ll be listening to music as I type, so if I seem a bit distracted…oh, who am I kidding, I’m always a bit distracted.

Right now, a Matchbox Twenty song is playing.  I watched them on Ellen yesterday.  I just happened to turn on the TV and be flipping through the channels at the right time to find them.  I like them.

I’m walking around campus covered in clay today.  I’ve decided I don’t care.  Usually, I change my clothes after ceramics, but I didn’t today.  Just couldn’t be bothered.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find an interesting object to draw that has color and text and volume supported by the text but not too much text or too recognizable of a logo (’cause that’s really easy to see flaws in).  I found a can with the label taken off with only masking tape labeled “PUMPKIN” and thought about using that, but decided otherwise.  I also found a beer stein that was very interesting, portraying St. George und der Drache, but it’s quite fragile, so I didn’t want to transport it back and forth between home and school.  This is all for a drawing project that I’m supposed to start in class today.  I found a few objects, but I don’t really like them all that much.  One is a clear glass canning jar, which is probably the most interesting, plus I have an old pie tin, an old soft ball, and an old baseball glove.  Also, I have a tiny bottle of shampoo from a hotel.  The examples we were shown were mostly consumer goods found in grocery stores, like Pepsi cans and Pringle’s canisters, but those seem boring to me.  Plus, they have lots of very recognizable text, which might be more work to draw than I want to put into this project.  My mom found for me an Ohio shot glass, with the name and outline of the state in a yellowish color on the clear glass, which may have been okay, but why would I want to have five fairly large renderings of an Ohio shot glass?  Ohio has no particular importance to me.  I’ll probably end up drawing the jar, ’cause it’s pretty and the writing on it does help describe the form as it’s supposed to, but it’s not very colorful.  I may add colored water to it, or maybe just put it somewhere to get interesting colored reflections.  Or maybe I’ll make up a rainbow for it.  That’s not what we’re supposed to do, though, so I probably won’t.

I threw four plates today.  They’re not too bad, either.  I’m improving!

In metals yesterday, I finished everything I could do without using the torch or etching chemicals, so I’ll have to start with that stuff soon.  I did actually manage to put the ground on the copper in my designs, so they’re ready to be etched, but I was afraid to put it in the etcher.  Guess I’ll be doing that on Tuesday, plus annealing and pickling other squares, and maybe soldering.  I also have to cut and solder and stuff to make a small round box for this class, so I should get started on that as well.  I’m a bit hesitant to do this work, mostly because I don’t like hot things, especially open flame, but I need to do it soon so that I don’t get behind or feel super awkward asking for help when everybody else has already got their stuff figured out.

Hmm…I still have at least 15 minutes until I need to start paying attention to what’s going around me.  What do you want to read about?  What do I want to write about?  I don’t know.  I think I’m going to read my book now.  It’s due back at the library tomorrow, so I should try to finish it.


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