Would’ve been nice to know

…maybe a bit ahead of time.  I have a drawing assignment due today, and, apparently, we’re supposed to bring in a print out of the original photo we drew from…said the professor in an email late last night.  I didn’t see the email until about 15 minutes ago…so, of course, I don’t have a print out with me.  I suppose I could try to find a computer lab and figure out how the printing at this school works, but I don’t really feel like doing that, especially when I have plenty of copies of the photo at home.  I think what I’ll do is open the image up on my computer screen and turn the brightness up so people can see it.  That had better be good enough.

In other news, my neighbors now have a Romney/Ryan sign up in their yard.  They’ve lived next to me for…10 years, maybe, and this is the first political anything I recall seeing at their house.  Why now?  And why Romney/Ryan?  Sometimes, people make me wonder.

Have you seen the Romney commercials about China’s cheating?  Yeah…they’re a bit ridiculous.  Besides being inaccurately portrayed in their graphs, the “facts” aren’t really even presented, and the issues have been going on long before Obama took office.  Also, China is “stealing” from us.  That’s silly.  What the commercial in question seems to be referring to is that “they” are taking our jobs and, especially, our ideas.  Hmmm…maybe you should talk about the businesses, not “CHINA” as some huge, evil entity.  Yes, China is pretty big, but really, there’s no need to villainize all the people of a single country and leave the people of our country free from any responsibility of evilness.  In fact, why are we even talking about cheating and stealing and trying to make people seem bad?  Is that the only way we can make ourselves seem good?  Or could we, perhaps, try presenting facts in a factual way and politely giving our opinions on them, maybe even forgetting to attack other people and instead sharing why we’re okay?  Of course, it’s not just the Romney campaign doing this; it’s pretty much every political organization and candidate.  It’s quite difficult to tell facts from propaganda in many cases, especially for the people who should be most impacted by the election–a majority of Americans.

I started a post on Saturday, but I haven’t posted it yet, mostly because I became bored and distracted and then my bowls were dry enough to be trimmed so I left my computer.  In theory, it’s going to be a great post, with some research and personal experience/opinion and all that great stuff…but it’s not yet.  I got through reading about five paragraphs (and not long or  complex ones, either), and then wandered around the internet for a while.  I, apparently, like to open many, many tabs in my browser, in a way trying to hoard them and their information, and then get overwhelmed, bookmark or close them all, and start again, not having read any of them.  This is not very productive.  I am trying to focus more and actually do things rather than just click lots of things and learn nothing, and the post I’m working on is part of this effort.  Hopefully, I can get through it and share it with you all in a somewhat timely manner.

In my ceramics class, I have to mix and test 20 glaze recipes, meaning that I also have to find these recipes.  They all need to be mixed and applied to the test pieces by next week Friday.  By that time, we also need to have thrown and trimmed six good plates.  We also need to work on glazing the pieces we’ve already made.  In my case, most of them still have to be bisque fired, and some of my mugs still need handles.  I should probably get on that.  Next, we’re making tea cups, and then tea pots.  I just hope we don’t have to make six tea pots in a week, ’cause that’s a lot of throwing and piecing and stuff.  I still am not very good at this whole throwing clay thing, but I have to keep practicing because I might need to be able to teach it in the future.  Oh joy.

There is a guy in my drawing class who’s a ceramics instructor at a camp and community studio.  I’m thinking about asking him if he’d be willing to help me a bit, ’cause apparently he throws five pounds for fun…five pound balls of clay are still my enemy.  Also, he’s not so great at the whole drawing thing, so maybe I could help him with that in return, ’cause I understand and can teach the basics for drawing pretty well.  We shall see.

Well, class is about to start, so I’m going to publish this and start paying attention.


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