I should be throwing right now

Well, I need some clay to dry out a bit first, ’cause it’s really wet right now and the stuff I’ve already thrown that needs to be trimmed isn’t dry enough for that, either.  So I wait.

My thumb hurts.  Tuesday night, I sliced it with an X-Acto blade while carving cupcake stamps out of erasers, and yesterday I stabbed it with a broken saw blade while cutting metal into fishy shapes.  Now, I’m playing with clay.  So much for the whole Band-Aid idea.

I finished my drawing in class yesterday.  Turns out, the professor’s leaving the still life up until Monday morning, so I could have kept working on it, but I was done before class ended.  Sure, there’s more I could do to it, but I didn’t feel like it.  I also bought the conté crayons yesterday and have started making the assigned color wheels.  I’ve made a lot of color wheels and such things in the past, mostly because I took a class about color theory at my last school (I don’t think this place has such a class), so this is a bit boring.  But whatever.  He just wants us to get used to the color selection and how they color.  Well, I’ve done four of the six that I need for Monday and I think I’ve got it figured out.  I can imagine some people in the class, though, not having had as many art classes as me, may not be as familiar with color mixing and such, so hopefully this short project helps them make better projects in the future.

I have four bowls thrown right now, and one of them is trimmed.  However, I flipped that one over a bit before it was ready, so now the top is icky.  I’ll try to fix it once it dries a bit more.  If it doesn’t work, at least it was good practice.  I also tidied up my pitchers a bit.  They’re drying now, and, once they’re dry, I’ll “sand” them down a bit with a scrubby thing to make them smoother.

There are doughnuts sitting in a box on the table with napkins.  I want to eat one, but I’m not sure where they came from or who they belong to, so I probably shouldn’t.

My head hurts.  It hurt yesterday, too.  I do not like this.  I suppose I could walk down to Walgreens and get some Tylenol, but I took that last night and it didn’t really help, so I don’t think I’m going to bother.  I’ll just suffer through it, I guess, and eventually get back to pottery.

In fact, I think I’ll go check on my bowls now.  I’ll be back before you even know I’m gone…because I won’t post this until I’m back…

Okay, the bowls are fairly stiff, but I’m going to leave them a bit longer, just to be sure.  I could probably start wedging some of the used clay so that I can throw another bowl, but then I’d be all messy.  Of course I don’t want to be messy; nobody’s ever messy in the ceramics room.


This is a peahen.  She’s like a peacock, only she’s a she so she’s not shiny and colorful.  I like her face.

No, there isn’t really a point to me posting that picture; I just felt like one would be nice there.  I should probably take pictures of my art so that the pictures I include relate somewhat to what I write.  Maybe I’ll do that…someday.  You must realize, I’ve been saying I’ll post pictures of my art for the last six years or so, and it’s only happened a couple times in that time, so it’s not likely to happen any time soon.  Then again, it might.  Maybe I’ll have a reason to gather up everything and pull out my camera.  Maybe I’ll need to make a digital portfolio of all my work soon.  But probably not.

Time to go flip the bowls so that the bottoms can dry a bit.  Then, I can trim/carve them/their feet.  Oh joy.

Bowls=flipped.  Dented bowl=at the table with me, hopefully about to be fixed.  I shall work on that a bit now while I wait for the other bowl bottoms to dry a bit more.  There’s still one bowl that needs to be flipped, but it’s not ready yet.  I also still need to throw two more bowls.  I, so far, am not enjoying the throwing of the four+ pounds of clay.  Why do the bowls have to be big?

I’m back!  Did you miss me?  In case you’re wondering, I’ve got one ugly bowl trimmed but intact, one ugly bowl with a dip in it (a “spoon rest” so to speak) trimmed, one probably ugly bowl flipped and drying, and one ugly bowl trimmed unsuccessfully and squished.  So that’s two that I can use, one that I hopefully won’t mess up, and at least three more that need to be made.  This is SOOOOOO fun.  Yup.

I’m hungry.  Maybe it’s sandwich time.  Maybe not.  I don’t really feel like eating my sandwich right now.

What I would like to do is take a nap.  But we know that’s not going to happen.  I have a short written assignment due by 11:59 pm tonight.  I suppose I could do that now; it’s not like I’m doing anything else.  Soon, though, it will be time to trim a bowl, and then I shall have no reason not to wedge and throw some more, so I probably shouldn’t get started on something that will distract me from the pottery.  Yeah.  That’s a legitimate excuse, isn’t it?

I’ve given in and taken a bite out of my sandwich.  It’s yummy, but I wish I had ice cream.  Ice cream is my favorite.

Now my sandwich is all gone.  Whatever shall I do?  Guess I’ll be back after trimming a bowl and wedging clay and throwing some bowls.  Again, I’ll be back before you even know I’m gone.

I’ve been in this room for the last six hours.  I started this post about four hours ago.  My teacher left two hours ago, and all my classmates are gone.  It’s only me and two ceramics majors doing their awesomely awesome stuff in the other room.  One of them stopped by my wheel for a couple minutes and gave me some pointers, so maybe that will help with the next batch.  I currently have four bowls, three trimmed.  The fourth is drying.  I almost had five, but then I ruined it.  Now, I have to rewedge the clay again.  I need to do a better job wedging; I had a lot of air bubbles in this round of throwing.  My muscles are tired; I want to be done, but I’m not done yet.  It’s now break time for doing that writing assignment that’s due tonight, I guess.  Either that or I’ll just sit here for a while and do not much of anything.  Yeah, that sounds like an exciting plan.

I’m tired of writing here for now.  I’m just tired, too.  I suppose I’ll post this, finally, and start working on that assignment.  Or maybe I’ll clean up a bit, go get some dinner and work on the writing, and then come back and get messy again.  I guess that sounds like an okay idea.

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