The Oreos are gone

So is the ice cream.  I had an Oreo McFlurry.  It was yummy, but is not anymore.

Yesterday, after I typed here for an hour and finished my sandwich, I went to the car and…did not get out my art supplies.  Instead, I sat in it for half an hour and contemplated what to do.  I even called my mom to get her opinion.  I decided on a sort of compromise.  Since I couldn’t get the work done then, I went home, had dinner, and worked on other stuff (I got supplies and carved the stamp for my cupcake piece, along with ordering colored pencils and finding a place to buy the conté crayons).  Today, I brought all of my drawing stuff into the building right away in the morning, put my drawing in the studio, and went to my class.  Around lunch time, I worked on the drawing for about 45 minutes, then went to my next class.  When that was over, I went back to the studio and drew for another hour or so before a class started coming in to use the room.  Now, I am pretty much done with the can and architectural piece, and have done some work on the ridged cone thing.  During class, I will finish that and add the teeth to the skull and then be done.  At least, that’s the plan, and it better happen because it’s due at the end of class.  I’ll have about two hours to work on it (depending on how long he has us critique at the end), so that should be plenty of time.  I hope.

I still have about an hour left before I want to start walking to class.  What shall I write about now?  Well, I would write a reaction to something going on in politics or something, but I fell asleep during Maddow last night, so I know nothing.  Yes, I actually do know something, but whatever.

I thought of lots to type yesterday after I finished typing, but I don’t remember it now.  It was some personal psychology-related stuff, and I had the wording worked out and everything, but I’ve no idea what it was about.  Oh well.

I tried to make large bowls today.  I made one that was okay; the other five or so attempts failed.  I shall try again, since I have to, definitely Friday and maybe tomorrow, although tomorrow I may be working on metals or drawing.

Okay, I’ve wasted some time updating computery things and browsing stuff.  I still have half an hour left.  Time to find something else to do.  Maybe I’ll read or do some homework.  Maybe.


One response to “The Oreos are gone

  1. Haha there are SO MANY times that I think of something to type and exactly how to type it, and I’m like, “Oh, this time, I shall remember it word for word and type it perfectly and it will be the best post ever!” and of course, it never happens that way. I enjoyed reading about your experience of that. The Oreos in my house, coincidentally, are also gone today.

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