Waiting for class to start

I always get to this class about an hour early.  I come right after my first class, sit down in the empty room, and eat lunch.  Then, I do computery things until class starts.  Today, those computery things include posting, I guess, since that’s what I’m doing now.  I have about 10-15 minutes to write before class starts, so I will spend that time typing.

I finished my pitcher handles on Saturday, but I didn’t pull them like I was supposed to; I threw them on the wheel and cut them up instead.  I like the results much better and it took a lot less time and was much less frustrating for me, so that is good.  Our new assignment is throwing large bowls and then trimming them and carving feet.  My only concern with this project is the size requirement–4-5 pounds of clay, at least.  I couldn’t make a three pound pitcher; how am I going to make a five pound bowl?  More importantly, how am I going to make six five pound bowls?  Oh, and we’re making tea pots in a month or so.  That’s a lot of pieces and measuring and stuff.  Seriously, I can barely make cups.  Plus, teapots have handles.  Booooooo.

I have two large drawings due Wednesday.  One is on its way to completion, mostly because it’s all we’ve been doing during our classes for the past two weeks or so.  The other, however, is not started.  I don’t even have a clear idea of what I want to do for it.  I should probably figure that out soon.  The assignment, basically, is to take a photo with a good value range and contrast and translate that to a large drawing using marks/techniques that add to the meaning of the image.  Well, I have some photos to choose from (I went through the 10,000+ on my computer and narrowed it down to five now), and I have some vague ideas for techniques, but I don’t have a photo and technique idea that clearly go together.  I don’t really have anything.  I’m thinking of using an image of one of my friends.  I have lots of photos of her that fit the requirements because she was one of my models for a photography class in which we practiced lighting techniques.  I think one of these pictures would be good, but I don’t know what kind of connotation to add with the drawing process.  One of my ideas is to make a sort of rubber stamp thing and use that repeated image to create the values, but I don’t know what shape to make the stamp.  It would have to be one with empty space and lines so that I can layer it to get the darker and lighter values.  My mom suggested a cupcake, ’cause my friend likes cupcakes.  I think that’s kind of boring, but I don’t have a better idea.  Maybe it could work…something about the reduction of a person to one thing that represents them to others, even though they’re so much more than that.  Okay, that’s what I’ll use if I can’t think of a better idea.  I even have a cupcake stamp already, so I wouldn’t have to carve my own I guess.  Maybe I should carve my own, though, to make the project more…projecty…and individual or whatever.

Oh, the professor’s here, so I guess I should probably start paying attention.


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