Pitchers and Orange Drink

I am drinking Hi-C Orange from McDonald’s.  It is better than colas, but still sickeningly sweet after a while.  I don’t know why I’m still drinking it; yes, it’s yummy, but I think it might be giving me a stomach ache.  Now I have to decide if the ice cream is worth it or if it will make me feel worse.  Maybe I don’t feel icky because of the food and beverage.  Maybe I should just go back to bed.  Bed is a bit of a drive away, I have work to finish, and I don’t want to drive back here tomorrow, so I shall stay and work again eventually.

Yesterday, in about two hours, I was able to make eight pitcher shapes.  I was quite pleased with that, but now I have to make handles for them.  I, apparently, am not very good at making handles.  However, I need them to have handles for class Monday, so I must keep trying.  I just don’t want to go back to the studio yet.  Maybe in a few minutes.  I know that each moment I hesitate in going makes going that much more difficult, but maybe, if I avoid it long enough, it will just go away.  I know that’s not how it works, but I want it to be that way.  That would make procrastinating so much more rewarding.

I think the heat just kicked in.  It smells warm now.  I don’t like it.

Maybe, if I finish the pitchers tonight, I can have fun tomorrow.  I do have a drawing assignment to work on; it’s due Wednesday, so I should probably start that, and maybe even get close to finishing it, but there would probably still be time to do something fun.  What’s fun, though?  I guess I could read a book or play a video game or start cutting fabric for a quilt, but that all requires a future time commitment and doesn’t offer immediate satisfaction of completion.  I really just want to do something worthwhile and finish it and be happy with it and enjoy the process.  Is that so much to ask?

I don’t think I feel like eating ice cream right now, and I’ve been typing for 10 minutes, so I guess I should probably think about heading back to the studio and getting to work again.

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