Must Find Sketchbook

Hello all.

Today was my first day of classes at my new college.  I already have a degree, but I want to teach, so I decided to go about it in the proper fashion and get certification, instead of doing something like forging a license or stealing someone’s identity (because, if I were going to steal an identity, it would be that of someone with lots of money, not a teacher).  Getting enrolled in my classes and setting up everything has been quite the adventure.  Apparently, since I’m a post-bac student, the school doesn’t feel the need to let me know anything or help me along at all.  That means that I didn’t get enrolled in all my classes until about an hour ago, and still have only a small idea of what I have to do in the future.  I was able to figure out where to go to get an ID and parking permit, after lots of internet clicks, so I’ll be doing that stuff tomorrow, along with three classes.  I only had one class today, and it was pretty relaxed because it was the first day and there wasn’t much to do.  I have three studio art classes this semester, so that should keep me busy.  I also have a class about exceptional students (it’s the only education class I can take this semester).  I will be filling out applications for the college of education this semester, as well as taking the PPST (the general standardized test required for teachers in most states), so I’ll need to review for that (I haven’t had a math class in about five years, so I’m a little slow on some of it).  I will be spending this week gathering supplies for my classes.  Most stuff is covered by pretty large lab fees, but I do need to find a sketchbook and some random stuff for the class I had today.  You’re probably wondering what that class was…well, maybe not, but I’m telling you anyway.  I had art metals today, and tomorrow I have ceramics, drawing, and the psych of exceptional students class.  I have at least one class each day of the week, but none earlier than 10 (which is especially good since I commute and don’t like getting up any earlier than is absolutely necessary), so I’m going to be a busy little sheep.

Well, I think it’s about time for some food and some entertainment, so I’m going to go away now.  (Really, I’m not going anywhere in the physical world, but I’m leaving bloggyworld for now.)


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