People are stupid…really, really stupid

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm………I don’t even know what to say about that

Actually, I do have something to say about that.  In my opinion, the mere fact that someone who would even accidentally say something like that can run a fairly successful political campaign is…horrid.  I mean, we all misspeak sometimes, but to even have a phrase in one’s vocabulary like “legitimate rape” and have an explanation for it like that…I think, at this point in history, we can all acknowledge that rape happens…a lot.  We also realize that rape is sex.  When that sex involves a man and a woman under the right circumstances (NOT whether some third party thinks it’s legitimate or not; rather, the circumstances that determine any pregnancy), it can result in…………..wait for it…………’s a surprise………………….PREGNANCY!  While this may not actually be a surprise to some, it is apparently a revelation that some others are still waiting to understand.  And this is sad.  Obviously, there’s a huge debate over abortion and contraception, but that, as I see it, is not the only issue here.  The biggest issue is that, right now, there are people who don’t see all rape as equally…rapey.  Maybe you’re one of those people.  If so, please explain, because, if you ask me, nobody forcing me to have sex with them in any way at any time is acceptable.  Maybe you think some types are worse than others…whatever…but please recognize that ANY sex between a man and woman can lead to pregnancy (not to mention the STIs, psychological damage, etc. that can occur because of rape between any people).  Whether you think the resulting pregnancies should always be carried full term or not is your business (or at least I’m not going to get on my soap box about that right now), but the fact is that No means No, Silence is NOT consent, and Sex=Babies.  Deal with it.


2 responses to “People are stupid…really, really stupid

  1. I am scratching my head over that one too. I think the “logic” to it goes something like this: In “real” rape you can’t get pregnant, so if you get pregnant it wasn’t really rape. Either way, you shouldn’t get an abortion.

    Sort of like the custom of trial by water for witches: If you drowned, you were clearly not a witch, and didn’t need to be burned at the stake. Either way you were quite dead.

  2. Really, it makes sense, because, as we all know, women decide if/when to become pregnant in all circumstances. Pregnancy status is obviously based on desire to be pregnant. Either that or it’s “God’s Will”…yeah…

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