Wheels go ’round and ’round


I’m listening to ’80s rock on Pandora today.  It’s lovely.  Not very productive, but lovely nonetheless.  Now that camp is over–speaking of which, I’ll maybe write about it at some point–I have little to do.  Well, I actually have lots to do, I just don’t do it.  It’s rather boring not doing anything.  I need to call my new school and set up an advising appointment so that I can register for classes so that I can actually go to school, but that requires making a phone call and I don’t like making phone calls.  It’s quite frustrating when you know you need to do something and just can’t.  I also need to clean and unpack. I’ll be living at home, at least for the first semester, so I need to have a place to sleep (preferably a bed) and do schoolwork and such.  I want to do something fulfilling, like complete a craft project or…something, but I haven’t yet.  I did buy some felting needles, so I could do that, but I don’t know what to felt.  I could paint, but what?  I want to make a quilt and scrapbook and read and do lots of stuff, but I don’t.  Boooooo.  I sat on the computer for hours today perusing Etsy, Pinterest, and Amazon, but that’s not productive.  I just want to DO something.  Two more weeks of this?  Whatever will I do?

This blogginess is different from 360 and Multiply; it will take a while for me to get acclimated and make it prettyful.  Remember my 360 page, back in the day?  It was so colorful and each post featured a picture.  That was fun.  You know what else was fun?  Yahoo Answers!  I visited it yesterday…how is it still operational?  It seems so…pointless now.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll waste some time over there later.  I get lots of best answers, so, when I actually participate, I get points.  Imagine how many points I’d have now if I kept up at my original pace all these years!

I really like doing things like art when I have an assignment to complete, but otherwise I just don’t seem to do anything.  This is rather unfortunate.  It’s not that I don’t like doing stuff, and it’s not that I don’t have time, I just don’t do it.  I should change that.  I want to change that.  There always seems to be something stopping me, though.  How am I ever going to do anything if i don’t do anything?  This is not how it’s supposed to work.

I want to feel like I’m doing something purposeful and meaningful.  I want to find a new volunteer thingamajig to do, since everything I did at school is at my old school.  I will be teaching Sunday school again, but that’s only a once a week thing.  Maybe I’ll be able to work at Goodwill again, like I did at the end of last semester.  It really depends on how my school schedule works out.  I also want to get a job in a preschool, but that too depends on my schedule.  I guess the logical thing to do would be to call the school and set up an advising appointment now, but…I don’t know, I just don’t want to/I do want to but don’t know who to call or what to say.  I don’t like this.

I am hungry.  I think I shall have some cheese and crackers.  Garden vegetable cream cheese is possibly one of the yummiest inventions ever.  Seriously.  Darn, I’ve run out of cream cheese, and the only cheese spread left is port wine (eww).  I’m still hungry.  Salami and cheese sandwich it is.  Yum.

I think I’ve written long enough.  Now to find another way to avoid life.


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